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Shakti Minerals Pvt Ltd is a private limited company registered in B.S 2063/12/20(3rd April,2007) under the company Act, 2063. Shakti Minerals Pvt Ltd is established with basic motive of Mineral prospecting, Exploration, development and promotion. This is the first registered company whose perception has valued added for growth of limestone based industrial sector in Nepal. Due to initiation of Shakti minerals Pvt Ltd, Nepalese as well as foreign industrialist are fascinated for making huge investment in limestone base industries in Nepal. Till date 20,000 Tons per day clinker base manufacturing companies have made huge investment in this sector with consideration of exploitation of nation own natural resources adhere by Shakti minerals Pvt Ltd.
Shakti mineral Pvt Ltd has more than 10 years’ mineral exploration and exploitation experience with billions of Ton (limestone) which induced for gradual growth of limestone based industrial sector in Nepal and future possibility towards export of its final product.

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